SIE has extensive experience in the field of seismic isolation. Particular areas of expertise include isolation system design and implementation, detailed system dynamic behavior, system specifications, an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of different types of isolation components, all aspects of isolation system and component research and development, and advanced analysis techniques for the numerical prediction of isolation system response for design.

SIE is experienced with the products of a large number of isolation bearing manufacturers. This experience is of great benefit in the developmental phase of system design, through to the actual manufacturing of bearings and prototype and production testing. Among these companies are: ALGA, Andre, Silvertown (UK) Limited, Bridgestone Industrial Rubber Products, Dynamic Isolation Systems, Earthquake Protection Systems, LTV Energy Products/OSI Technologies, Scougal Rubber Company, Seismic Energy Products, L.P., Skellerup Industries, Ltd. and Unison Industrial Co., Ltd.

Complementary to this design and implementation experience, SIE maintains research and technical relationships with the Malaysian Rubber Producer's Research Association (MRPRA), and the Materials Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL), both in Hertford, England.

This extensive industry-wide network of relationships, coupled with practical experience from dozens of projects, ensures that SIE is well-positioned to handle all phases of seismic isolation projects, covering preliminary R&D, materials selection and product development, manufacturing, production and peer review and testing inspection services.