SIE has extensive experience in the field of passive energy dissipation for seismic structural control. This expertise has been developed through design, implementation and testing of a wide range of dampers, including viscoelastic, friction, yielding metallic, viscous, and shape memory alloy devices. In addition to design and analysis services, SIE provides design/peer review and testing inspection services for energy dissipation projects. SIE principals actively participate on major committees currently developing code regulations and design guidelines for energy dissipation devices, have numerous courses and seminars on energy dissipation for enhanced seismic design, and have presented state-of-the-art papers at national and international conferences.

SIE is experienced with the products of a large number of damper manufacturers. This experience is of great benefit in the developmental phase of system design, through to the actual manufacturing of dampers and prototype and production testing. Among these companies are: Bridgestone, Enidine, E*Sorb Systems, FIP, Fluor Daniel/Grinnell Corporation, Lisega, Oiles Corporation, Pall Dynamics, Penguin Engineering, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Taylor Devices, Tekton, and 3M Company.