Funding for this study was provided by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute through the Learning From Earthquakes program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The support of the Learning From Earthquakes Committee and Executive Director Susan Tubbesing are greatly appreciated.

Many individuals assisted in the planning and data collection efforts. Kazuhiko Morishita translated the survey forms from English to Japanese and the responses from Japanese to English, creating the opportunity for a much wider survey audience than would otherwise have been possible. This invaluable contribution is greatly appreciated. Craig Comartin provided insights from his ongoing studies of post-earthquake recovery in Japan that helped in planning the survey and research visits. Individuals and organizations in Japan who assisted with the research visit include: Nagahide Kani (Japan Society of Seismic Isolation); Shoichi Yamaguchi (Tokyo-Kenchiku Structural Engineers); Yutaka Inoue and Yoichi Mukai (Osaka University); Takayuki Teramoto (Science University of Tokyo); Masaru Kikuchi, Masaaki Saruta, and Yutaka Nakamura (Shimizu Corporation); Masahiko Higashino (Takenaka Corporation); Tokie Nakano and Kenji Saito (NTT Power and Building Facilities); Mamoru Iwata (Nippon Steel Corporation); Kazuhiko Kasai (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Sumio Kawaguchi and Mareo Imabayashi (Oiles Corporation); Shigeru Hikone and Jin Sasaki (Ove Arup & Partners Japan Ltd.); and Yasuyuki Tokura (Koto Kosan Co. Ltd.). Their kindness and that of many others not mentioned here is sincerely appreciated.

Finally, the researchers would like to thank all of the people who contributed their valuable time to fill out the written surveys. Their insightful answers and candid opinions gave this work its real value.